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Why is it so important to have a mobile-ready website?

Your customers search on their phones. Are you ready to capture that business?

Just a few years ago, the only way that a person could research your business and see your website was to be sitting at their desktop or laptop computer, looking at a browser with a large screen. Web designers only needed to think about one way that a web site looked, or a relatively narrow range of page widths.

Today, the web is different. You might be reading this on your smartphone right now, but even if you aren't, think of how common it is to see people walking down the street reading a phone. Even if it isn't advisable it is definitely happening.

What if that person looking for your business, out on the sidewalk right now, is looking at their phone and they can't see the information they need because your website isn't optimized for a phone-sized screen?

And folks searching for your business isn't the only reason to have a mobile-ready site.

Google will put your business information lower in search results if it detects that your site isn't optimized for small screens. 

And not only does Google expect you to have a mobile site, your customers do, too. According to the Pew Research Center, by 2015 two-thirds of American adults had a smartphone that accesses the internet. 

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By Joakim Berndes from Tystberga, Sweden - Almedalen 2014, CC BY-SA 2.0,

By Joakim Berndes from Tystberga, Sweden - Almedalen 2014, CC BY-SA 2.0,