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Let's Work Together! An Introduction to Working with Brigid

Think you might want to work with me? Here's some more information about me and how I work



I’m excited to discuss working with you. Outlined below are all the basics about how I work. Please read through the entire page carefully to ensure that my processes work for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. 

If everything looks good, the next steps are outlined at the bottom of this page! 




You're Doing Great!

Firstly, congratulations on taking the steps to invest in yourself and your brand! There's a lot of information below, and I don't want this to be overwhelming, but it's important that we are on the same page and it will save us both time if you can learn this information at your leisure, rather than when we have our discovery call, so we can spend that time talking about what you need!

Ready to go? OK scroll down now!

Overview of the Project Process

  • After you read through this page, you'll fill out a quick questionnaire and schedule a call
  • We'll have a call where I'll really get to the meat of what you need for your business
  • I'll write up a project proposal with a couple options for how I can help (and their costs), and a timeline
  • We'll agree on an option and I'll send you a contract to sign, at which point the first payment is due
  • The deep-dive discovery process starts. I'll need to learn all about your ideal audience, and also we'll create an inspiration board for the look/feel of the brand/website
  • I'll deliver options/mockups and get your feedback. We go through a couple rounds (up to three)
  • If I've made a website for you, I also include a teaching session where I'll show you how to update your site, which may happen before or after launch
  • The final payment is due and then I'll deliver your files/launch your site!


During your project we will primarily use a project management system called Freedcamp to communicate. This helps me keep everything organized and in one place. Sifting through old emails is just too much of a time suck!

I do my best to reply to all communication regarding active projects within 24 hours.

If you’d like to chat on the phone, you can schedule an appointment here. Scheduling calls keeps my work from being interrupted and allows me focus on your project! 

What I'll Need From You

Inspiration board — I need to see what inspires you! If we agree to work together, you’ll make a Pinterest board of images that match the aesthetic and feel you want for your brand/website. 

Answers to some Questions — (I promise it’s not a pop-quiz!) I need to pick your brain! I’ll send you a booklet to get an in-depth look at your business and ideal audience so I can strategically plan your brand/site.

Content (for a website) — To build your website properly, I’ll need your content before we begin. So if content creation isn't part of the project, I'll need the finished text copy and any images you wish to use.  Starting with the content will let me focus the design around your content and highlight all the important aspects to funnel visitors where you want them to go. 

Your Feedback — During the project you will need to respond as quickly as possible to my questions and provide feedback. Don't worry, I have some advice about how to give feedback that will help me give you the best outcome!

Quick dance party break!


Payment Schedule  

Depending on the scope of a project we may split up payment differently, but most of my projects are a 50/50 split. For example:

  • 50% of projected* project cost due before work begins and to secure your spot on my schedule 
  • 50% of projected project cost due before the website launches or brand files are delivered
  • 100% of additional costs (fonts, images, licenses, and anything we’ve added to the project) due before website launch 
*Projected costs are simply that, projected. Your quote is based on the scope of work at the beginning of the project, as well as the timeline outlined. If you wish to add or change the scope of work, and if the timeline changes due to these changes or additions (or lack of response on your part), these costs will be billed as additional and must be paid before website launch/brand files delivered. 


How long will my project take? ▼

It depends on a few factors: schedule openings, complexity, and your response time. For example, the complexity of your website is an important factor, while some sites can be completed in as little as a couple weeks, others (especially e-commerce or membership sites) can take as long as three to four months to fully plan and construct. I’ll give you a better timeline quote during our strategy session. The final factor is your response time. During the project you will need to respond as quickly as possible to my questions and provide feedback. Delays in your responses will result in a delay in the project, and may increase the overall cost. If you have any vacations or offline time planned during the time we’re supposed to be working on your project, please let me know before you sign the contract so I may alter the timeline accordingly.

How much will my project cost? ▼

Cost is based on a few factors: complexity, scope, and timeline. We’ll discuss your project and create a custom quote based on your needs. Complexity also applies to strategy — a design that looks simple for a site that has a complex sales funnel costs more than a site with no sales funnel. The scope of work also affects the overall price. The price quoted at the beginning of the project may not be the final price as changes to the scope of work (adding, removing or changing features) may result in the final project cost changing. Finally, the timeline affects the price. The price quoted is based in part on the amount of time I believe the project will take to complete. Delays due to failure on your part to provide content or feedback will result in a “holding fee” for each week the project extends past the timeline. If you have a tight deadline, a “rush fee” may be charged to complete the project in time.

So, I have a question:


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Look forward to working with you! 

— Brigid